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Payment Plan Bot

This smart bot looks at the payment behaviour of your customer and anticipates best time and method of contact. It sends customer-friendly reminders and can even adjust the term amount where necessary.

A payment plan that takes your debtor into account.

The Payment Plan Bot manages all payment plans, with friendly mobile reminders and dynamic repayment options. The Payment Plan Bot keeps the customer focused and motivated for the duration of the payment plan.

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Work ethics

Automate repetitive tasks and let employees do what they do best.


Increase the number of completed payment plans up to 15 percent.


Spend the gained time on customers who need it.

Improved results on payment plans
An effective solution for customers who are unable to resolve their payment arrears can be a payment plan. However, what if the payment arrangement itself turns out to be a problem? The Mail to Pay payment plan bot manages your payment plans and, with friendly, mobile reminders and dynamic redemption options, keeps your debtor focused and motivated to fulfill their payment plan. With the payment plan bot you always have a clear overview of the outstanding and paid instalments.

How the payment plan bot works
In the event that your customer does not keep up with the payment plan, the payment plan bot will immediately start a debt collection flow. Based on the previous payment behaviour, the bot determines the best time to send its messages, the best channel to use (email, sms, print or call) and calculates the best expiration date, for example around the time the income is deposited. Furthermore, the payment plan bot is able to postpone the payment term if your customer fails to pay, or will reduce the amount for the term. Has your customer paid? The payment plan bot will send a confirmation or a thank-you note as motivation. Finally, the payment plan bot is self-learning, it learns from his own decisions, enabling it to choose a better solution - or the same - for the next instalment.

Every month, Mail to Pay maintains more than 100.000 payment plans for innovative organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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