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Use the smart webapp to get even better results. Send a payment request during a phone call and follow the payment status in real time.

Everything you need to offer your customer the best service.

Improve your customer service by using the Mail to Pay call tools. Whether it’s sending a payment request during the phone call or automatically calling customers using the Robocall, the Mail to Pay Call tool does it all.

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Let robocall automatically call customers with payment arrears by adding this step to a collection flow.

Immediate results

Immediately send a payment request to your customer during the phone call, and track the payment status in real time.

Customer friendly

Help customers immediately by sending, registering and automatically following up with the requested information.

“25 percent of the customers who are 60 days behind on their payments and are reached with the Robocall, still pay within ten days. That reminder, combined with the online payment convenience, without having to give an explanation - it just works.”

Track the payment in real time
Send and track a payment request via email or text message while on the phone with your debtor, with the use of the Mail to Pay web app. Create a Paylink and place it in a chat, or use it for webcare purposes. The process is very simple: After you have entered the details of the customer in question, automatically or manually, in the Mail to Pay web app, simply press send. The customer receives a payment request and can pay instantly. Your call centre employee can monitor the payment status in real-time. The result: shorter calls, fewer repeat calls and better financial results. In turn, the customer is helped in no time and has a higher level of customer satisfaction. This tool works especially well during ultimatum conversations, due to the extensive information and payment history that is available with a simple click.

With Mail to Pay Robocall, an automatic system calls your customers to record a payment appointment through a menu. Our Robocall achieves excellent results and can be used in case of lack of time or understaffing of a credit management department.

The links in Mail to Pay messages always refer to your own website or domain. Mail to Pay does not appear anywhere in the payment process. This ensures trust with your customer.

The most innovative companies in Belgium and the Netherlands make use of the Mail to Pay Call services.

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