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Mail to Pay is the founder of Debtor Process Automation (dpa). With our innovative credit management software, we automate the debt collection process for companies and organisations with large, complex debt portfolios. By using our tools, companies can collect faster, more customer-friendly and socially responsible - in short, they can improve their debt collection strategy and achieve better collection results. This makes us a strong partner for, among others, utility and drinking water companies, housing corporations, insurers and financial institutions.


Mail to Pay has focused on innovation since day one. As a frontrunner in the industry, we’re dedicated to developing new solutions to make the debt collection process even better and easier - with the ultimate aim of launching innovative solutions every year.

We do this with a team of thirty people, all experts and technicians from the credit management world. In addition to our head office in Alblasserdam, we have an office in Antwerp.

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