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Let your customers pay via Chat, WhatsApp, or other communication channels. Using our paylink gives you complete freedom, allowing your customers to pay easily and quickly in a trusted, secure environment.

The best payment link for each communication channel.

With Mail to Pay's Paylink, customers can pay easily, quickly and securely from any communication channel. Whether it's a push message from the app, a payment link in the client portal, Whatsapp or chatbot, the Paylink makes payment possible.

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Fewer write-offs

Improve your debt collection strategy and reduce the number of write-offs.

Improve collection results

Collect outstanding payments better and faster by using all available communication channels and turning them into potential debt collection tools.


Let your customers resolve their outstanding payments quickly and securely with a paylink sent through their favourite communication channel.

A synchronised collection process
Would you like to allow your customers to pay outstanding payments via a payment link in your client portal, app or any other application? With Mail to Pay Paylink you ensure that the payment is immediately synchronised with the current collection process. This is easily done by integrating Mail to Pay Paylink into your app or client portal. A unique paylink is generated for each payment request. Upon receipt of payment via this paylink, all messages relating to this transaction - such as e-mail, text message and print - will be marked as paid.

Push notifications
Have you integrated Mail to Pay Paylink into your client portal or application? If so, you can send your customers push messages on their mobile phone, in case an outstanding amount has not been paid on time or the payment term has expired. After receiving the notification, it is just a few clicks before your customer is in the payment process.

All paylinks created with Mail to Pay refer to your own website or domain. Our name is not visible in the payment process. Your customer only sees your corporate style and therefore knows exactly who he is communicating with and to whom he is paying.

Mail to Pay is proud to serve some of the most innovative companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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