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Business Intelligence

Access extensive business reporting, including reports on messages sent, collections and payment plans, as well as instrument and employee reports.

Instant insight into valuable data.

Make use of the extensive ready made reports, as well as the Business Intelligence reports to get insight into valuable data.

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Business Intelligence

Analyse large amounts of valuable data and optimise business processes.


Focus on different business processes and gain valuable information.


Find out which tools work best for your customers and optimise your messages, templates and flows accordingly to obtain better results.

For the credit manager who wants more

Do you, as a credit manager, need more than the standard reports? The Mail to Pay BI tool gives you the opportunity to create custom business intelligence reports. Naturally, it is also possible to export all events to your data warehouse, so you can use the data generated by the Mail to Pay algorithms in your own reports.

Make data accessible with the Mail to Pay BI tools.

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