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Mail to Pay is invisible to your customers. Your customers then recognise what they are paying and who they are paying it to.

Strengthen your customers' sense of security and trust.

Send all communication completely in your organisation's corporate style and have your customers pay on your domain, without any intervention on the part of Mail to Pay.

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No matter what stage of the debt collection process your customer is in, only your brand is visible.

Your corporate style

Your customer receives all communication in your corporate style.


The customer always pays on your organisation's domain.

Mail to Pay is nowhere to be seen

No matter what part of the collection process your customers are in, they can only see your branding. From the e-mail or SMS they receive, through to the secure payment environment and landing page on your website, your corporate branding will flow seamlessly throughout the whole process.
This ensures that there is no confusion about the origin and nature of the payment requests, meaning more successful payments

Your benefits

  • Build trust with your debtors
  • Use your own corporate branding
  • Useful in combination with your marketing and communication plans
  • All your communication in the same branding

The most innovative organisations in Belgium and the Netherlands use Mail to Pay

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