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Create your own, complex debt collection processes, based on “if this then that”. Never miss another step in your optimal collection process.

Easily design an automated debt collection process for an optimal customer journey.

By using Flows, you can automate your whole collection process. Together with our helpful team or with the help of our online help center, you can design algorithms that automatically carry out all the collection steps for you, with just a few clicks of a button.

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Cost reduction

Reduce the amount of employees in your debt collection department by automating the entire process.

Personal touch

Make more time for personal attention for your customers by automating repetitive tasks.

Consistent follow-up

Consistently remind customers of outstanding payments. This ensures better payment behaviour.

Self-learning and fully automated
Flows by Mail to Pay enables you to effortlessly automate your organisation's entire debt collection process. Combine your business rules with machine learning and the Mail to Pay algorithms and create your ultimate, self-learning and fully automated debt collection process.

The flow set-up process is very simple. In cooperation with your consultant and through the use of our flow designer, you can easily design your most optimal debt collection process. For instance, opt for a digital invoice, with - if no payment is received - an e-mail reminder with a letter as a back-up and ten days later a text message as a reminder. In the event of non-payment, include an increase in collection costs in an email reminder with SMS support. With our flow designer, you can also effortlessly create different flows for different groups of debtors.

In order to keep the flows as optimal as possible, the Mail to Pay system carries out extensive analyses and automatic A/B tests.

Mail to Pay is proud to serve some of the most innovative companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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